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Written by a NHS patient
27th June 2022

I was really anxious about my initial ADHD appointment, there were some internet communication problems with not being able to see/hear each other properly but I cannot tell you how quickly Dr Dinal Vekaria diffused my worries and sorted that problem out. I wouldn’t have ever thought about myself having ADHD, specially at my age and after being referred I was still somewhat sceptical about it however, Dr Vekaria was so thorough in answering all of my questions (and there were a lot!), very patient with me and completely knowledgable in every way I needed. I felt like I had ample time to answer the questions he was asking and didn’t feel rushed in any way. He listened first and foremost which for me is a huge plus as I’ve been to see other Drs before and I just felt completely dismissed. I can’t tell you how glad I am that he was my Dr, specially for my initial appointment because he has completely turned around the attitude I had going into the appointment. He’s a professional, caring and very very knowledgeable man who makes you feel like all he’s got is time to hear you and that goes further than anything really. I’d be absolutely delighted to have any further appointments with him. Thank you Dr V!

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