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Written by a NHS patient
23rd October 2022

I have bern under the care of Birmingham hospitals since being diagnosed with bowel cancer following an abnormal screen in April 2022 after a 4 week wait for a colonoscopy. It took 10 weeks to get surgery, by which time my cancer had grown to stage 3. Despite being told by the consultant that surgery would be a cure, this is not the case, as they found that the cancer had grown to the margin of the bowel wall and that cells were found in the capillaries supplying the bowel. That meant 6 months of chemo, for which I waited another 8 weeks. The chemo disagreed with me, so they changed it to a weekly IV version, which caused severe diarrhoea which resulted in a 9.5 hour wait for an ambulancrme followed by 17 hours on a trolley in A&E. By this time my electrolytes were very low and I was eventually admitted to ward 26. On the 8th day after admission, they informed me that my liver enzymes were raised and that I should have an ultrasound. I asked for this to be done as an inpatient but was fobbed if with some excuse about infection risk in the hospital if I stayed. I was in a private room and all the staff wore masks so I didn't think the risk was likely to be high. I was told to go home on Thursday 6th November and that I could go to Sol8hull emergency day care unit and get the scan, a blood test and be seen by a doctor. This didn't even get referred as Solihull has no SDEC. I was lied to just to get me out of the hospital with a liver and bowel that were not gunctioning properly. Since then I was called back to Heartlands on Monday 10th Oct for an ultrasound of my liver, which should involve a fat free diet and fasting. I was given 4 hours before the scan. After a 45 m8nute wait, another 35 minutes to get a blood trst and a further 1.5 hours to see a doctor, while waitng with a compromised immune system in a room full of possibly infectious people, they said they had found "a suspicious area which might be a gallstone", but they couldn't really tell. So a complete waste of 4 hours of my time and. £17 taxi fare h9me. Since then , my reviews have been bumped down from an 9ncologist to a nurse practitioner. I have asked to speak to the consultant, who is apparently think8ng about stopping my chemotherapy. I'm disgusted with the whole thing. Have they responded to tge c9mplaint that I sent to PALS? No. Apparently thst can take up to 6 months, because they are receivng so many. Thinking of going to the ombudsman.