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6th September 2023

my first appointment went great, but in my second appointment i felt slightly belittled by my doctor, i felt ‘invalidated’ in my concerns, by him telling me to, essentially, just hold on and wait for whatever happens, and that i should learn to let go of my anxiety about not knowing what the next, or any, steps in the rest of the process are. as if i haven’t been doing that all this time, for SIX YEARS, holding on and waiting, and trying to let go of my anxiety about not knowing what the hell is going on. i feel i’m entitled to at least knowing the process, i don’t necessarily need a timeline of exact dates as i know that’s impossible to predict, but SURELY you guys, the professionals with years of experience, must know what different steps need to be taken in order for me to get the care I NEED. that i’ve KNOWN i’ve NEEDED for the last SIX YEARS. it’s infuriating that two people who have no idea who the hell i am are they ones to decide whether i’m allowed to feel happy and comfortable, when i can assure you my friends, family, coworkers and… MYSELF (IMO the most important/ essential person in this process) could tell you for sure what i, the patient, needs. i understand it’s not your fault it takes so bloody long, i understand one thousand percent you guys are stretched thin and of course are probably getting the least funding out of any department in the NHS (whoop transphobia!), but some compassion and professionalism (not laughing at me when i’m explaining how i feel) would go a long way in making patients feel cared for. it is healthCARE after all. i’m very upset and angry.

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