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Written by a NHS patient
28th June 2023

I was told to stay off work, whilst I was investigated for some tests. Initially, I had been to A and E a week before for the same issue, but only the second time I was bought in by ambulance. I was feeling poorly and couldn't put my finger on why I felt so unwell. These tests came and went, I was still waiting to be seen and given some results. Nothing. I contacted the relevant department only to be told I was now going to be seen by another hospital. No change in patient charter and I didn't request this, as it was miles away. It was already a done deal. I informed PALS. No joy there. After talking to the cardiology secretary, who sat there playing God, I realised that they didn't actually care about my situation, in fact, they didn't want to hear it. A wise Consultant, once told me, if your Dr sends you away for a long period of time, it is because they do not know what is wrong with you and hope by the time they see you next, your problem has been resolved. What a wise man. I am still waiting to be seen for results one year later. Would you have confidence in a service like this? Would you recommend the to friends or family? I rest my case.