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Written by a NHS patient
21st January 2024

I’m absolutely appalled at what I have seen in the past 24 hours in the emergency department. Basic care needs unmet: no water given, no items for a wash/teeth brushing given, toileting needs unmet, skin viability uncared for. Dirty pads, full urine bottles and dirty sheets left in cubicle from the previous patient. ANTT procedures breached, medication error, no adequate pain relief given in 24 hours despite being escalated to various members of staff and highlighting when news scores noted. Critical medication not given in a timely manner, blood sugars untested on patients in DKA. Different information on treatment plans given by every medic, which almost resulted in a serious condition not being diagnosed. Patient pushed out and left abandoned in the middle of the corridor walkway without any communication, explanation or basic courtesy. It would be nice to be able to name and shame these staff members but not one of them introduced themselves by name, nor job title. There were a couple of staff members who actually did their job properly but unfortunately they are let down by those who really shouldn’t be working in a caring environment. I appreciate that the services are stretched, staff numbers are low, patient numbers are high, I wish the government and trust executives would provide more funding and support, I know that there is a huge wastage in funds, too much bureaucracy and bs but this really doesn’t excuse some of the neglect and negligence I have seen in just 24 hours.