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Written by a NHS patient
22nd February 2024

Neuro rehab at Preston Hospital is poor and many patients try to be transferred to Sue Ryder, in Preston, where the support is fantastic, with intense rehab programmes, getting patients home sooner. Preston Neuro is letting down their patients, many of whom are hospitalised for months at a time, with their mental health suffering. It’s a very sad situation to witness. In Preston Neuro, there is very little support from the rehab team. Patients are lucky to receive one or two programmes per week, lasting 20-30 minutes each. Many disabled patients sit for hours on end, with health and recovery not being promoted with limited opportunities to develop or re learn any type of skills. There is limited awareness of mental health and patients are expected to sit and stare into space all day everyday. It’s a very sad situation. The rehab team only work Monday to Friday, but to be honest, many patients were relieved when it was weekend, due to the attitude of some of the rehab staff. Dreadful place! There seems to be one member of staff sat constantly behind a computer, logging patients actions and comments. Is this a good use of time and helping patients to recover, no! It’s appalling and needs changing, as currently it’s like a prison. No wonder the NHS is in a bad place, when patients are left for weeks and months, not receiving the support they need, so leading to bed blocking. God help anyone who ends up in this dreadful place. Very sad to see. Preston Hospital, action needs to be taken to improve. Must add, nursing staff and consultants are great.