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Written by a NHS patient
28th December 2023

I would like to share my positive experience with you all. I arrived at Lancaster hospital last Wednesday, which I had a MRI scan at Lancaster hospital. I was then told by a Doctor at Lancaster I would be transferred to Preston hospital. Everything happened so quickly and sufficiently. By Thursday I was in theater having the major emergency operation on my Spine. After the operation, I was back on the ward recovering. The Doctors, nurses, day staff, night staff really looked after me well in the after care. I can not fault the NHS staff for looking after in such a positive way. The reason I ended up in hospital was due to the fact that certain organisations have put me through so much stress, that the emergency operation turned into me being admitted in to hospital. Certain organisations are as follows - Police - Social services, housing provider. Which everyone of these organisations have refused to help when needed. Housing not altering the bathroom to suit my needs. I slipped in the bathroom when wet/mopped up. I know it sounds unbelievable, but I can guarantee and assure you all this did happen Why? Because the housing could not be bothered to alter the bathroom. Police - accusing me of Perverting the course of justice - when the perpetrator threatened to cause harm towards me. By kidnapping, holding me at gun point, and then rapes me. What does this individual think he's going to achieve by lying to the police, and trying to set me up? When I filled out an online form for Clare's Law to the police make up their own laws by refusing to disclose information on the perpetrator (Gerrard) when the police refuse to disclose information on a domestic abuser/violence on a former partner this.can become a criminal offence by (Contempt of Court) If I was a senior officer for GMP I would drop this case as I the victim would not be able to attend a court case. So why don't these individuals give me what I ask for, and stop challenging me, because the more these organisations challenge me the worse things will get for everyone of these organisations. Social services -'taking action by stopping contact with my son, and finding out the MASH Team did not complete the assessment to stop any contact with my son in the first instance. That is contempt of court. These individuals believe in their deluded conclusions that because I don't work, I'm stupid, thick, and every negative word these individuals can thick of. Well who's the stupid one now. NOT ME! So instead of being my enemy, again why not give me what I ask for. Because I'm not the sort of individual that will give up that easy. Don't challenge me? I will continue to fight for my rights as a parent, as a human being etc. If I end up back in hospital, I will make sure none of these organisations get away with causing further harm to myself. I will make sure all these individuals are held responsible for causing any further harm or pain.