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Written by a NHS patient
18th April 2024

I encountered a traumatic experience in a hospital whist on holiday in Greece. The operation and treatment I received was not was explained to me. I slipped and fell fracturing my elbow. I was led to believe that because of the nature of the fracture it would need expertise in fixing, which meant an expert in this field would be flown in, this was a lie. In effect they filled arm with rubbish and removed healthy tissue. A metal frame was installed with metal rods inserted into bone, which I was later advised served no purpose at all. I eventually arrived home in the UK, and speedily seen by Mr Gupta and his team in OrthopaedicS. If it had not been for him I dread to think what might have happened. I am now fully recovered, except for some minor nerve damage caused by the first op in Greece. I thank Mr Gupta & the staff at St Peter’s & Ashford Hospital, they have been amazing.