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Written by a NHS patient
9th September 2021

I fell off my horse 2 weeks before I went it. I was blue lighted to Walsgrave, when it happened because it was a trauma unit, but was sent out with no aftercare at all with two bleeds on the brain! I live in leicestershire so decided to go in....started in eye casualty as my right was shut and seeing double. I spent two days in there and the care was amazing very thorough I believe, so from eye casualty I went to get Prisms on my glasses that have helped with the double vision, then I went to GPAU and had test after test, MRI Scan, CT Scan with and without dye, porters taking me to departments never being left. I have been discharged now as they feel it’s the right thing to do, but can call anytime if needed. I just have to wait for the bleeds to go down. Well done all of you I certainly feel happy to be at home and resting on your advise.